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The Tevez Saga


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Carlos Tevez is back in the news this week after handing in his transfer request to Manchester City. The Argentine forward seems to be unhappy with life in Manchester and wants out immediately. Rumors have even surfaced that he may quit football all together if things don’t improve or change. Any team in the world could use a player like Tevez, I hope he ends up somewhere that he can shine because football needs a player like him.


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Steve Nash x Landon Donovan (Parts 1,2,&3)


Here you go…all three parts from the Landon Donovan and Steve Nash EA Sports commercials. Check out Part 1 here and continue reading for parts 2 and 3. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Kljestan At Anderlecht

This move kind of went under the radar but former Chivas USA star, Sacha Klejstan made the jump to a historic European soccer club. Klejstan will be playing Champions League football come the new season, which will be a little different than what he has been used to for his entire professional career.

We wish him the best of luck, and hope he does his thing on the big stage.

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Hey Dilly…Shut Up

I’m so sick and tired of hearing stuff like this. (This excerpt is from the Crew Xtra Blog)

“I’m working hard in training and I’m not getting on the roster, which I honestly think is ridiculous,” said Duka. “It’s not working out and there’s nothing I can do about it. I haven’t been happy.

“It’s tough to get motivated. I’m looking for playing time and I can’t even make the bench. I came out to play soccer and I don’t feel like I’m on the team… I’m not going to say I’m a better player than [Warzycha] has been choosing; I’m a different player. I definitely think I can contribute.

“Here I am and I’m not even on the bench, I’m not on the team. It’s like I’m on vacation. I’m here training and I’m on vacation.”

That was what Dilly Duka, the 8th pick in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft had to say about his lack of playing time. And all I have to say to that is, shut up. Under no circumstances should a rookie, and a rookie in Major League Soccer voice his feelings about playing time to the press. I mean the only reason he would want to do this is if he wants to alienate himself from the group and really get on the wrong side of the manager, Robert Warzycha. Personally I think this kid is proving to us that he is not ready soccer-wise (he can’t make the game-day squad) nor is he ready mentally, which is the problem with so many kids who leave school early to play professionally. If you can’t deal with sitting on the bench on a team that won the MLS cup two short seasons ago and still has a deep roster than you probably don’t have the head to be a pro. If the kid really wants to make it in the MLS and/or abroad one day, he needs to shut up, train hard and learn from the veterans around him. Oh yea, and he says he isn’t motivated…that really makes me laugh. This kid is 20 years old, making $213,000 (yes this is not a typo, that really says $213,000 and it’s insane the MLS would pay him that) guaranteed compensation from MLS (source: MLS Players Union) and he can’t get motivated. Please, Dilly give us all a break.

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World Cup Day 9

The 9th day of the world cup had plenty of drama, and some more disappointment from the African nations on their home continent. It also included what many consider the best match of the tournament so far. Continue reading

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Beckham x Pred X

Check out Becks on the pitch in South Africa wearing the new preds in an all red color way.

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World Cup Day 4

Day 4 gave us a look at some teams who could possibly be seen holding the World Cup trophy at the end of this tournament, the matches weren’t as great as people expected, but they were still pretty entertaining. Continue reading

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