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TOMS Shoes Delivers One Millionth Free Pair

The ever-popular TOMS Shoes, and its founder/chief shoe-giver, Blake Mycoskie have delivered their one millionth pair of free shoes to a child in need. This is an incredible feat (no pun intended) for this company who took off out in California only recently. The idea is simple, buy a pair-give a pair. Myscoskie has really taken the idea of giving and philanthropy to a different level. What a terrific achievement and make sure to grab yourself a pair of TOMS! Also check out the article about this donation from Vanity Fair here.


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Seavees Pantone 9/63

Caught wind of Seavees while searching the Internet. Picked up a pair of the All-white Pantone 9/63’s (each date represents a special date in California history). Plenty of colors to pick from in these, keep reading to see some other colors. Continue reading

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Gravis Monocle

Really diggin these Gravis sneaker/boat shoes. Not really sure what to call them but they can absolutely be worn with just about anything. Only will run you about $80 as well. Check them out here.

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New Arsenal Away Kit

Really loving the colors in the new away kit, as well as the pin stripes. This is probably one of the Gunners best looking kits in the past few seasons, in my opinion anyway.

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Bumpy Pitch 1950 Tee

Awesome new t-shirt drop from our guys over at Bumpy Pitch and TOW. This shirt commemorates the USA’s win over England in the 1950 World Cup. Hopefully history will repeat itself in just under 2 weeks. You can pick your shirt up here.

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Rafael Nadal x Richard Mille

Tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal, has a new accessory to his outfit at the French Open this week. It just so happens that this accessory costs a nice half a million dollars. After signing a sponsorship deal with mega watch brand, Richard Mille, Rafa can be seen sporting this extra-light timepiece at Roland Garros. More pics after the jump. Continue reading

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Three Legends And Louis Vuitton

So imagine if you were running a company, and you wanted some new ambassadors to represent you. Let’s also say that this was a World Cup year, and all eyes will be focused on one event for a little over a month. Now let’s say this company is Louis Vuitton and they have an almost endless budget so who did they get? A Frenchman, a Brazilian and an Argentine. That’s right the new Louis Vuitton ads that you will be seeing will have Zidane, Pele, and Maradona with their monogrammed luggage, playing foosball. Oh yea, and the picture where shot by Annie Leibovitz.┬áCheck out the video after the jump. Continue reading

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