Gunning for Nothing

The match between Arsenal and Tottenham will be a game that will forever be played over and over again due to the sheer magic that was displayed in the second half.

Unfortunately for me and my Gunners, this sucks.

Within 45 minutes it went from a cakewalk to a meltdown, with a great first goal, a stupid penalty for the second, and my man of the match heading in from a great free kick.  What does this all mean for Arsenal?  For Tottenham?  For the league?  Who knows, because quite frankly, no one seems to want to win it.

If Arsenal wants to win it, then they have got to shut up and play.  Too many times the media, the team, and Arsene Wenger hypes things up, only for the team to throw a game away or half-ass it throughout the match.  The first half was fantastic, but not the best.  The second half, well it was pathetic to say the least.  The team lacks someone to drive them forward, they lack discipline, and the fans deserve better.  They deserve better than for the team to say “we will learn from this” because it is getting old.  The first goal for Tottenham was because someone wasn’t man enough to head the ball away, only instead to let it bounce and then Tottenham trounces us.  The second was stupidity and immaturity from our “captain” Fabregas, who thought that it would be a great idea to stick out his arm and block the kick with the ref right in full view.  A captain of a team no less, someone who is to set and example and lead us, and here he is blowing the game for us.  Pathetic.  Crap.  Stupid.  But lazy is probably the best way to put it.  No guarantee that kick was going in, but not like he cares.  Not like the team cares.  They have given up 9 points at home, a place they want to make a fortress out of, and yet the fans keep coming back and watching the same bull crap.  We the fans deserve better than this.

No Arsenal player or manager will ever see this, but my frustrations are not alone.  It can be seen over in London, with all the Arsenal fans in the stadium leaving under 2 minutes.  I know it is only November, and we are still 2 points from first in the league, but to play the way this team plays at home, we won’t win the league.  Not like this.


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